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Beloved Folk Artist Magdalena Briner Eby Honored February 14 , 2022

Perry County, PA— Rug hookers everywhere recognize the name Magdalena Briner Eby and love her primitive style rugs. Born in 1832, she lived he


Mark Allison Named New Editor of Wildfowl Carving Magazine January 10 , 2022

Northbrook, IL—Ampry Publishing, LLC – Wildfowl Carving Magazine announced its new editor, Mark Allison, in January 2022.  In


Rug Hooking Magazine Publishes New Book with Donna Hrkman January 01 , 2022

Northbrook, IL—Ampry Publishing, LLC – Rug Hooking magazine is pleased to announce the release of its latest high-quality book on rug h


Trade Shows, Conferences, and More!

The employees of Ampry Publishing regularly attend trade shows, conferences, and other fun events to stay up-to-date on exciting innovations in the field and connect with fellow craft and food enthusiasts. Check out some pictures from a few of the latest events we’ve attended!

(Click images below for larger versions.)

Ampry Publishing… On the Go!

The editors at Ampry Publishing love meeting with other craft and food companies, bloggers, and consumers. Make sure to come say, “Hi!” and who knows—maybe you’ll see yourself on this page!

January 2016 – Networking Event at the Craft and Hobby Association’s Annual Trade Show

Ampry Publishing hosted a VIP Networking Event at the Craft Hobby Association annual trade show in January, 2016. We brought together 13 sponsor brands to meet with 140+ vetted bloggers from the craft & DIY industry to foster the creation of new relationships. A great time was had by all!

_ALD0267 _ALD0246 _ALD0278 _ALD0263 _ALD0266 _ALD0286 _ALD0296 _ALD0298 _ALD0313 _ALD0305 _ALD0323 _ALD0335 _ALD0368 _ALD0380 _ALD0420 _ALD0552 _ALD0659 Leisure Arts sakura2

January 2015 – Our Blogger Event at CHA – Craft and Hobby Association’s Mega Show

At such a huge trade show like the five-day CHA show in Anaheim, CA, it’s often hard for bloggers and companies to connect on a personal level. Ampry Publishing LLC’s event offered bloggers the opportunity to not only meet with company representatives, but also preview new products and discover exclusive details about new items hitting the shelves in 2015.

IMG_3682-Copy-Smaller  IMG_3685-Copy-Smaller  IMG_3697-Copy-Smaller  IMG_3700-Copy-Smaller  IMG_6614-smaller

IMG_5522-Copy-Smaller  IMG_3703-Copy-Smaller  IMG_5526-Copy-Smaller  IMG_5534-Copy-Smaller  IMG_5556-Copy-Smaller

IMG_5612-Smaller  IMG_5580-Copy-Smaller  IMG_5632-smaller  IMG_5699-smaller

IMG_5846-smaller  IMG_5868-smaller  IMG_5891-smaller  IMG_6626-smaller

IMG_5650-smaller-vertical  IMG_5622-smaller-vertical  IMG_3709-Copy-Smaller-square  IMG_3688-Copy-Smaller-Vertical  IMG_3687-Copy-Smaller-Vertical  IMG_5882-smaller-vertical

IMG_3694-smaller  IMG_3695-smaller  IMG_5542-smaller  IMG_5594-smaller

IMG_5665-smaller  IMG_5686-smaller  IMG_5704-smaller  IMG_5708-smaller  IMG_5715-smaller

IMG_5748-smaller  IMG_5786-smaller  IMG_5887-smaller  IMG_5898-smaller  IMG_5901-smaller

IMG_5551-smaller-vertical  IMG_5554-smaller-vertical  IMG_5561-vertical-smaller  IMG_5589-smaller-vertical  IMG_5601-smaller-vertical  IMG_5615-smaller-vertical  IMG_5617-smaller-vertical

IMG_5618-smaller-vertical  IMG_5622-smaller-vertical  IMG_5636-smaller-vertical  IMG_5646-smaller-vertical  IMG_5652-smaller-vertical  IMG_5660-smaller-vertical  IMG_5675-smaller

October 2014 – International Quilt Market

On the weekend of October 25, 2014, our editors flew to Houston to see the International Quilt Market. The convention center houses both an expanse of professionally crafted quilts and a trade show wherein designers and companies could interact.

quilt-market-smaller  QuiltMarket1-smaller  QuiltMarket2-smaller  QuiltMarket3-smaller

QuiltMarket4-smaller  QuiltMarket5-smaller  QuiltMarket6-smaller  QuiltMarket7-smaller

September 2014 – International Food Bloggers Conference

On Friday, September 19th, 2014, the editors of AllFreeCopycatRecipes and had the absolute pleasure of attending the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle, Washington. Traveling to the pacific northwest, meeting food bloggers, attending sessions on such exciting topics as food photography and recipe development, and eating incredibly delicious food made for one amazing weekend.

IMG_0229-smaller  IMG_0243-smaller

September 2014 – Food Network in Concert

photo1-FN-Smaller  photo2-FN-Smaller  photo3-FN-Smaller  photo4-FN-Smaller  photo5-FN-Smaller

August 2014 – Eataly Press Event

In August 2014, the editors of and learned all about Italian food and culture as they took an exciting tour of Eataly, a gourmet grocery store meets restaurant in Chicago.

Eataly-Featured-smaller  eataly-17-smaller  eataly-15-smaller  eataly-13-smaller

eataly-7-smaller  eataly-2-smaller  eataly-10-smaller

eataly-3-smaller  eataly-12-smaller  eataly-1-smaller

August 2014 – Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair

The Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair celebrates the work of fiber artists. The editors at Ampry Publishing created, sold, and watched demonstrations from artists and companies.

Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair August 2014

July 2014 – Eli’s Cheesecake Social Media Breakfast

IMG_0206-smaller  IMG_7880-Ingredients-smaller  IMG_7886-Me-Decorating-smaller  IMG_7898-Team-smaller

July 2014 – BlogHer

photo-1-BH-smaller  photo-2-BH-smaller  photo-3-BH-smaller  photo-4-BH-smaller  photo-5-BH-smaller

June 2014 – International Quilt Festival

On Friday, June 20, 2014, our editors traveled to local Rosemont to visit the International Quilt Festival. Largely a trade show where different vendors and individual guests could purchase the latest products in quilting, there was also a designated area displaying finished quilts.

IQF-BERN-225x300-smaller  IQF-Display-2-225x300-smaller  IQF-display-225x300-smaller  IQF-Dress-225x300-smaller  IQF-FABRIC-225x300-smaller

IQF-hand-225x300-smaller  IQF-handy-caddy-225x300-smaller  iqf-JANOME-smaller  IQF-line-smaller

June 2014 – FMI Connect

The editors of RecipeLion and AllFreeCasseroleRecipes attended the FMI Connect 2014 show in Chicago that brings together food retailers and companies from around the country.

IMG_0169-smaller  IMG_0172-smaller  IMG_0173-smaller  IMG_0180-smaller

IMG_0063-vert-smaller  IMG_0064-vert-smaller  IMG_0070-vert-smaller  IMG_0077-vert-smaller

IMG_0082-vert-smaller  IMG_0092-vert-smaller  IMG_0102-vert-smaller

May 2014 – Taste of Home Cooking School


May 2014 – Sweets and Snacks Expo

On May 21, 2014, the editors of and had the chance to attend the 2014 Sweets & Snacks Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago. The show was a snack-lover’s dream!

sweets-snacks-dog-smaller  sweets-snacks-mms-smaller

May 2014 – National Restaurant Association Show

On the weekend of May 16, 2014, the editors of and had the pleasure of attending the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. We got to see all the latest products and designs coming to restaurants around the country.

photo-1-NRA-smaller  photo-2-NRA-smaller  photo-3-NRA-smaller  photo-4-NRA-smaller

photo-5-NRA-Smaller  photo-NRA-smaller

April 2014 – Wilton Sweet Up

photo-1-WSU-smaller  photo-3-WSU-smaller  wilton-6-smaller  wilton-5-smalle  photo-2-WSU-Smaller  wilton-2-smaller

April 2014 – Snap! The Conference

In April 2014, editors traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with hundreds of creative bloggers for Snap! The Conference. This event included fun parties, amazing sponsors, and informative  classes.

2014-04-24 10.49.02-smaller  2014-04-25 09.03.26-smaller  2014-04-25 20.55.55-smaller  2014-04-25 12.19.25-2-rotate-smaller  2014-04-25 13.04.27-rotate-smaller

2014-04-25 17.43.52-2-rotate-smaller  2014-04-25 21.28.58-1-rotate-smaller  2014-04-24 13.51.41-rotate-smaller  2014-04-26 09.29.25-rotate-smaller  julia-emily-blogger-party-rotate-smaller  julia-with-psimadethis-erica-dameshek-rotate-smaller

March 2014 – International Home & Housewares Show

On March 17, 2014, the editors of,, and had the pleasure of attending the International Home & Housewares Show 2014 in Chicago. We were able to see some of the latest and most innovative kitchen products hitting shelves this coming year.

photo-1-smaller  photo2-IHHS-smaller

January 2014 – Our Blogger Event at CHA – Craft and Hobby Association’s Mega Show

Ampry Publishing brought companies and bloggers together in a massive networking event at the Craft & Hobby Association’s 2014 Mega Show in Anaheim, CA. With more than 140 bloggers and 15 companies in attendance, the Blogger Networking Event, hosted and produced by Ampry Publishing, is the largest networking event of its kind at CHA and remains a hot ticket for bloggers and companies alike.

Click here to learn more about the Mega Show.

Click here to learn more about Ampry Publishing’s marketing presentation.


Small-IMG_0033  Small-IMG_0048  Small-IMG_0055  Small-IMG_0057  Small-DSC09952
Small-IMG_0068  Small-IMG_0069  Small-IMG_0066  Small-IMG_0074  Small-IMG_0072
Small-IMG_0075  Small-IMG_0076  Small-IMG_0078  Small-IMG_0079  Small-IMG_0116
Small-IMG_0058  Small-IMG_0064  Small-IMG_0083  Small-IMG_0085  Small-IMG_0099
Small-IMG_0100  Small-IMG_0101  Small-IMG_0104  Small-IMG_0117  Small-IMG_0118
Small-IMG_0102  Small-IMG_0103  Small-IMG_0109  Small-IMG_0119
Small-IMG_0112  Small-IMG_0095  Small-IMG_0120  Small-IMG_0107

Check out the crowd!Check out the crowd!

Announcing some of our sponsorsAnnouncing some of our sponsors

November 2013  Taste of Home Cooking School Demonstration

IMG_0909-smaller  IMG_0987-smaller  IMG_0914-smaller

October 2013 – The Chicago Fine Chocolate and Dessert Show

On Sunday, October 20, 2013, our editors attended the Chicago Fine Chocolate and Dessert Show at Navy Pier in Chicago where they met with local chocolatiers and candy makers. They also tried a wide variety of candies and saw quite a lot of sculptures and art made of chocolate!

chocolate-man-collage-smaller  gelatin-sculptures-collage-smaller  icing-sculptures-collage-1-smaller

June 2013 – Bead & Button Show

The annual Bead & Button Show is the largest jewelry and bead show in the world. It features over 300 craft vendors as well as exhibits of bead art and hundreds of bead and jewelry classes.

beadcards-smaller  beaducationetch-smaller  IMG_2270-smaller  IMG_2272-smaller

IMG_2335-smaller  IMG_2342-smaller  SwagBag3-400-smaller  IMG_2309-smaller

BeadandButtonShowSign-smaller  cloverloom-smaller  IMG_2247-smaller  IMG_2248-smaller  IMG_2262-smaller  IMG_2331-smaller

May 2013  Sweets & Snacks Expo

On May 21, the editors of and attended the Sweets & Snacks Expo at the McCormick Place in Chicago. Our editors scurried from booth to booth, chatting with representatives from nearly every sweet and snack company imaginable (and taking a few free samples with them along the way).

Fudgie-Wudgie-300x225-smaller  Gourmet-Souffle.2-225x300-smaller  Nutella-Tower-225x300-smaller

February 2013 – The National NeedleArts Association Show

The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) Trade Show was incredible! We met great designers, yarn shop owners, and companies with an amazing passion for creating new and beautiful yarn.

SONY DSC  SONY DSC  sequin-smaller  sparkle-smaller

glass-1-smaller  image-1-smaller  carry-yarn-1-smaller  TNNA-Swag-Bag-2014-smaller

October 2012 – Quilt Market

Quilt Market 2012 was an even bigger hit than 2011! Featuring new designers as well as some revered regulars, editors saw beautiful quilt designs from all over the globe.

DSC01185-smaller  DSC01148-smaller  DSC01064-smaller  DSC01116-smaller  DSC01114-smaller

DSC01105-smaller  DSC01091-smaller  DSC01087-smaller  DSC01081-smaller  DSC01077-smaller  DSC01073-smaller

August 2012 – STITCHES Midwest

STITCHES Midwest featured knitting and crochet designers and companies from around the country. Our editors learned how to spin yarn from scratch and visited with representatives at the various booths and exhibits.

DSC00693-smaller  DSC00708-smaller  DSC00750-smaller

DSC00716-vert-smaller  DSC00705-vert-smaller  DSC00694-vert-smaller  DSC00691-vert-smaller  DSC00688-vert-smaller

January 2012 – Craft and Hobby Association Show

The annual Craft and Hobby Association Show was filled with designers and companies from across the country. Editors traveled to Anaheim, CA to meet with fellow craft enthusiasts and discuss the latest trends in the industry.

Bernat-Mannequins-smaller  Broken-Dish-Skirt-iLovetoCreate-smaller  crystal-flower-dress-smaller  Dolly-Parton-smaller  DSC00466-smaller

DSC00467-smaller  DSC00491-smaller  DSC00502-smaller  DSC00517-smaller  Paula-Cheney-Retro-Ranger-Design-Challenge-smaller

August 2011 – Quilt Market

Quilt Market features exquisite quilting projects from designers around the world. Editors visited booths and exhibits and spoke with designers and fabric companies.

fractured-desert-smaller  Peacock-Quilt-smaller  steer-mosaic-smaller  Sunflower-pillow-texture-magic-smaller  wild-horses-bigfork-bay-smaller

3d-mermaid-quilt-smaller  animal-alphabet-dont-look-now-smaller  chicago-postage-stamp-quilt-smaller  eagle-landing-smaller  patchwork-dress-svp-smaller

June 2011 – Craft and Hobby Association Show Summer Conference

The Craft and Hobby Association Show summer conference was held in Rosemont, IL in June 2011. Editors met with designers and companies to discuss the latest trends in the craft industry.

art-quilt-1-smaller  Paper-fans-smaller  Flower-Soft-hedgehog-smaller  Scrapbook-Quilt-smaller  burlap-decoration-smaller

June 2011 – Type A Parent Conference

In June 2011, editors traveled to Asheville to meet hundreds of creative parent bloggers. In addition to informative sessions, there were exciting networking opportunities, great sponsors, and wonderful southern food!

caitlin-smaller  caitlin-julia-patti-smaller  more-caitlin-smaller

See Where Else We’ve Gone!

Pictures below include appearances at: BlogHer Food in Miami, FL (May 2014), FoodieChats at Eat Yolk Restaurant in Chicago, IL (Feb. 2014), BlogHer in Chicago, IL (July 2013), BlogHer Food in Seattle, WA (June 2012)

BlogHer Food 2014  FoodieChats Feb. 2014  BlogHer July 2013  Blogher Food 2012