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Beloved Folk Artist Magdalena Briner Eby Honored February 14 , 2022

Perry County, PA— Rug hookers everywhere recognize the name Magdalena Briner Eby and love her primitive style rugs. Born in 1832, she lived he


Mark Allison Named New Editor of Wildfowl Carving Magazine January 10 , 2022

Northbrook, IL—Ampry Publishing, LLC – Wildfowl Carving Magazine announced its new editor, Mark Allison, in January 2022.  In


Rug Hooking Magazine Publishes New Book with Donna Hrkman January 01 , 2022

Northbrook, IL—Ampry Publishing, LLC – Rug Hooking magazine is pleased to announce the release of its latest high-quality book on rug h


Rug Hooking and Wildfowl Carving Magazine Now Available on Amazon Kindle

June 28 , 2017

Northbrook, IL — Ampry Publishing introduced a new digital format for Rug Hooking and Wildfowl Carving Magazine by making the magazines available to readers through the Amazon Kindle Store. Every new issue can now be found in this accessible and convenient format, which benefits readers who need a portable version for their on-the-go rug hooking demands as well as those overseas who dislike having to ship print copies. Additionally, the Kindle Store format allows the magazines to offer a 30-day free trial to interested rug hookers and wildfowl carvers who want to investigate the magazines’ content before deciding to purchase a year’s subscription.

The addition of Rug Hooking and Wildfowl Carving Magazine to Amazon Kindle brings the magazines’ high-quality content to a wider audience. Fans of both publications have long come to appreciate each issue’s collection of helpful tips, original designs, and fascinating stories of connections formed by bonding over a beloved craft. Rug hookers can access exclusive patterns like Good Morning! by Joan Moshimer, while carvers can follow step-by-step tutorials of both the carving and painting stages for birds like the rose-breasted grosbeak.

Rug Hooking magazine can be found in the Amazon Kindle store here. A digital subscription provides a year’s worth of content—five issues total—for $34.95.

Wildfowl Carving Magazine can be found in the Amazon Kindle store here at this link. A digital subscription provides a year’s worth of content—four issues total—for $37.95.

Current print subscribers will not automatically be signed up for the Kindle store, so those who want to take advantage of this opportunity will also need to subscribe separately to access a digital version.

About Rug Hooking Magazine

Rug Hooking magazine provides high-quality information, how-to instruction and innovative patterns for a thriving fiber arts community. Published five times per year, the magazine can be accessed through a subscription or purchased in some book and craft stores.

About Wildfowl Carving Magazine

Wildfowl Carving Magazine is the only magazine for bird carvers. Readers turn to us for start-to-finish projects, fascinating profiles, and helpful patterns. Our informative articles cover a variety of topics, from how to design an effective carving to how to ship your work safely.