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Beloved Folk Artist Magdalena Briner Eby Honored February 14 , 2022

Perry County, PA— Rug hookers everywhere recognize the name Magdalena Briner Eby and love her primitive style rugs. Born in 1832, she lived he


Mark Allison Named New Editor of Wildfowl Carving Magazine January 10 , 2022

Northbrook, IL—Ampry Publishing, LLC – Wildfowl Carving Magazine announced its new editor, Mark Allison, in January 2022.  In


Rug Hooking Magazine Publishes New Book with Donna Hrkman January 01 , 2022

Northbrook, IL—Ampry Publishing, LLC – Rug Hooking magazine is pleased to announce the release of its latest high-quality book on rug h


From Our Readers

Here’s what subscribers and bloggers have to say about working with Prime and about their experiences with our sites, newsletters, and social media:

From: Phyllis J.
“I love your simple crochet patterns.  Thank you for your free ones and for teaching me how to do the easy ones.”

From: Tricia F.
“I just wanted to let your company know that you’re doing a great job. I appreciate how you care for the public needs. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.”


From: Toniester
“I am really liking the patterns … wire wrap .. anything beads …spoon jewelry … learning still but i am getting there .. your site is the greatest.. xoxo”

From Madie H.
“I found your blog the other day, and I’ve really been enjoying your articles.  I can see that you put a lot of thought into your writing.”

From: Shirley
“I love your site and as I teach (patchwork naturally) I give everyone your web address. We have used quite a few of your patterns. The e-books are a great idea.”


From: Barbara
“I am so grateful for your free patterns. I am a senior who does a lot of projects for other Seniors in need and families that cannot afford such beautiful items you give us.  I also made a lot of items for Senior Citizen Homes….so I am so thankful to you.  God Bless you and again many thanks”

From: Aimee B.
“I am super-appreciative for all of the incredible patterns that are available at no cost to your patrons.”

From: Carol M.
“You are, without a doubt, the best website for recipes.”

From: Michelle S.
“I just wanted to let you know that I subscribe to quite a few of your newsletters from the different sites. I just love them! The patterns are great and I have been telling my friends about all the different sites you have.”

From: Farida
“Thank you, thank you I cannot thank you enough, You made my friend and me very happy. Your customer service is excellent and very impressive.”


From: Diana
“Your wonderful (if belabored) puns make me smile, but this made me laugh out loud! Your playful approach is one of the reasons I enjoy the AllFreeSewing newsletter so much. Thank you!”

From: Anna G.
“I subscribe to a lot of sites for recipes and this Mr. Food is by far the best I have found. I love this site. You have everything I need. So many ideas.”

From: Esther C.
“My oh my, I just can’t get enough of Favecrafts – you are the best of the best and thank you for making my retirement years so pleasurable!”

From: Haley B.
“I can’t believe I receive these fantastic recipes free of charge! Better than any cookbook I have. Keep up the good work!!”

From: Karen
“Thank you so much for creating a Mr. Food Test Kitchen account on Pinterest. I love your recipes and the boards make it so much easier to find the perfect one for the perfect event, even if it’s just Friday Family Night! I love it!!!”

From: Mona H.
“I would like to take a moment to THANK everyone involved for this wonderful and life saving site. I am presently living through a MAJOR house remodel and have not had a kitchen for 8 months. These crockpot recipes have opened my eyes to the many options I now have to feed my family of 5. We have all eaten our fill of take-out and the 4 or 5 standby recipes I had tucked away. Thank you again for sharing.”


From: Pam
“Just a thank you for the work your team did to make the Log In and My Knitting Patterns functions work again on your Android app. GREAT JOB! I very much enjoy your newsletter and collecting patterns from you so, again, many thanks!”

From: Judie
“Your patterns are so inspirational — keep up the great work!”

From: Tobi
“Just want to say I love your blog and I’ve found it very informative. I just went through all the blog posts, I couldn’t tear myself away.”

From: Kathy G.
“I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the projects that you provide on your website for free. They are quite beautiful and easy since the instructions are so clear and helpful. Just letting you know that you are providing a great service to me.”

From: Ruth Ann K.
“I LOVE this website. There are so many good ideas.”


From: Sherri U.
“I just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate your website and newsletters. It has taken my sewing to a whole new level.”

From: Shelia
“I just wanted to commend you for having the best knitting site on the internet. I love, love it and I use it often.  And thank  you that all the patterns are free.  That is so awesome in this day and age.”

From: Nikki
“This has got to be the best jewelry making site on the Web. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and learning help that your site has given to me! I can not afford to go to an “in class”type of school, so I look towards people like you to help me learn on my own. Thanks again.”

From: Dixie
“I just want to tell you what a great job you are doing carrying on for Mr.Food. I look forward everyday to getting my newsletters.Keep up the good work!”


From: Asia
“Thank very very much for what your website has given me. Everything I make comes from AllFreeCrochet!”

From: Leslie S.
“I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!  I love, especially my daily newsletters, tricks & tips. It’s a joy to open my emails every morning and see what inspirational projects are waiting for me!!”

From: Melinda
“Thank you for a wonderful recipe site.  I think it is one of the best I have come across on Internet.  There is a recipe for every occasion and you do not have to search other sites for recipes. Thank you.”

From: Jenny S.
“I just wanted you to know that I think your site is awesome!! This is coming from a 61 year old lady who has fought for years to understand patterns and who usually read them and did her own thing. You have everything anyone could ever need to understand every stitch (crochet, knit, etc) on video and printed.”

From: Rhonda B.
“Just a note to say how much I enjoy getting your emails.  I have made many of the recipes, and all have been a huge success.  Love the e recipes books of course.  Keep up the amazing work, you have made my life a lot simpler making meal choices so easy.”

From: Sue B.
“I stumbled upon your website and I just wanted to send you a quick hi to thank you all for such a great site. I used to love to sew and am only just getting back into it. Having all those patterns on hand is just amazing.”

From: Pat B.
“I absolutely love RecipeLion Recipes. This is a great website and I accidentally stumbled onto it. Keep up the good work and many many thanks.”

From: Diane S.
“I LOVE your site. The recipes are so great and easy. Reminders for your readers of childhood foods Mom made. Keep them coming!”

From: Carolyn L.
“Just a little note with a very BIG THANK YOU!! for the vast amount of FREE! projects that you so kindly give to us!!  Thank you seems so small to express how I feel about your generosity, but I just want you to know how grateful I am for everything you give away FREE!!  A very happy viewer!”


From: Veronica J.
“I’m very appreciative that you offer so many patterns for free! I look forward to my daily emails.”

From: De S.
“Your newsletter is such an Incentive to me. It just fills my spirit with such creativity, hope, ideas, hints etc.”

From: Nancy M.
“I just wanted to say that I love receiving your projects each day.  It’s fun to look at what I could make and the best thing is, it’s free!”

From: Varga A.
“Thanks so much for sending the newsletters. I enjoy each one of them and really look forward to the next one. Thanks for the time to put everything together.”

From: Kathy B.
“Love your web site and the incredible craft links. Thank you so much for the opportunity to make so many wonderful things that I could never have dreamt up.”

From: Janice T.
“I really enjoy looking for new quilt patterns on your website. Each day brings totally wonderful ideas.”


From: Brigitte
“I can’t thank you enough for the information/tips/patterns – everything !!!!that is available on this website..  I’ve been going to start sewing for AGES and this is brilliant… Keep it up..”

From: Susan C.
“I love your site – -have used some of the patterns that come with the email newsletters-THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!!!”

From: Lisa R.
“This is the best cooking website I’ve ever visited.keep up the awesome work.”

From: Susan C.
“Love your site.  It is more fun than any other I’ve seen.”


From: Hollis H.
“I want you to know how wonderful your website is and how enjoyable it is to
get a selection of patterns everyday. The links provided with each pattern provide an endless supply of patterns and inspiration. I look forward to receiving my daily Knit Picky e-mails and have created
lots of amazing things using your website. Thanks SO MUCH! You do a great job.”

From: Andrea D.
“thanks for a great website and all the wonderful emails you send out each week!”

From: Jennifer
“I took up knitting about 6 months ago and I love your site. I receive patterns every day and it is so much fun to read through and dream. The pictures are excellent and the directions are clear and easy to follow. Thank you so much for producing this helpful site!”

From: Sheran
“I just had to let you know, that your website is fantastic!!  I obtain recipes from several sites, but I think yours is probably the best!  Easy access to recipes, and such a variety.”

From: Kathy P.
“I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the newsletter and the lovely patterns that you send.  I really appreciate all the work you put into this.”

From: Ashley
“I absolutely love your website, I have used it a couple of times and it has such a wealth of knowledge.”


From: Pam N.
“This site is absolutely the most fantastic thing I have ever come across!!! Thank you so much for making it so easy to use, and so informative.”

From: Kelly A.
“I’m glad I joined your email newsletter!   I wanted to thank you for providing such fun and interesting ways to knit.  I look forward to seeing KnitPicky in my mail box!  Keep up the good work.”

From: Patty W.
“This is the very best sewing site, very creative,helpful,convenient,easy, and fun.”

From: Carolyne
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this incredible newsletter. I’ve learned so much from this website. thank you for doing such a wonderful job.”

From: Susan
“Just a quick “Thank You” for your wonderful newsletter!. I get about 40-60 emails a day and yours is one of the few I read completely and most often save for later reference.”

From: Phyllis G.
“Just discovered your wonderful site and want to thank you!  This is better than Christmas as a kid!”


From: Kim
“I have used so many of your patterns for knitting, and love the wonderful selection of categories and patterns within each one!  Thank you for this great resource!”

From: Helen
“I just wanted you to know this is the best site i have ever found on the web!! I have been crocheting for years and years and knitting some. But this site has all the crochet books or other websites beat by a few hundred miles.. keep on going!!”

From: Roxanne G.
“I just wanted to say that I love receiving emails from FaveQuilts. I signed up through Inbox Dollars and I’m so glad. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, quilts and tips.”



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