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Rug Hooking Magazine Releases Hooked on Celtic Rugs October 25 , 2017

Northbrook, IL—Rug Hooking magazine and Ampry Publishing are proud to present their latest book release, Hooked on Celtic Rugs: A Fresh Approa


Wildfowl Carving Magazine Releases Latest Book, Loon and Chicks October 25 , 2017

Northbrook, IL—Wildfowl Carving Magazine and Ampry Publishing are pleased to announce the release of their latest book, Loon and Chicks: Compl


Rug Hooking Magazine Launches Latest Celebration Competition October 01 , 2017

Northbrook, IL—Submissions for Rug Hooking magazine's 28th edition of Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs was opened on October 1, 2017. Entrants


Gene Shepherd Teams Up with Rug Hooking Magazine

November 03 , 2016

Northbrook, IL—Rug Hooking Magazine author and designer Gene Shepherd visited the Ampry offices this week to film beginner videos with Rug Hooking Magazine. Shepherd brought his world-class talent to the studio to share his expertise with a growing community of rug hookers, and this new content will be released by Q1. Several of Shepherd’s articles and published books are available through Rug Hooking Magazine’s website.

Ampry Publishing staff also benefitted from Shepherd’s visit. Staff frequently take advantage of in-house opportunities to have hands-on training in the cooking and crafting fields, and Shepherd’s class was no exception. With backing material, wool strips, and hooks for all, Shepherd held a class for employees to learn the basics of rug hooking.  As staff began hooking their own floral and linear designs, Shepherd answered questions and worked with individuals to create their very first rugs.  For a closer look at Shepherd’s class, be sure to visit the Rug Hooking Magazine article here, complete with photos.